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Pro Athletes

Building and Preserving the Wealth You’ve Earned on the Playing Field

Whether you are a rookie investor wondering what to do with your new signing bonus, or a seasoned veteran looking for the right coach and a solid game plan to ensure a stable and secure financial future for you and your family, you can feel confident with Altus as a member of your winning wealth management team.

We understand the skill and lifetime commitment it takes to be a successful athlete.  We bring those same characteristics of drive,  determination and hard work as a member of your wealth management team to build your  financial success.

You can count on Altus to be a true partner both during and after your career

We know the uncertainty of life as a professional athlete where longevity and success are not assured.  That’s why, when you work with us, we guarantee that you will get our best work to craft a comprehensive plan designed to meet your current needs, protect your financial assets and achieve your future financial goals however your career progresses.  Whether retirement, injury or cuts ends your playing time, Altus will have helped you prepare for a stable and secure future to fund whatever financial needs or new dreams you have.

Whatever your current financial or career situation, come have a conversation with us.  The Altus team is ready to assist your and earn your trust.

Our team will work with you to

  • Understand your financial goals
  • Prepare a comprehensive financial plan
  • Provide supplemental health, disability and long-term care insurance
  • Implement and fine tune the plan as your career or statutory evolves

1st round MLB draft pick with successful playing career now retired

Sought financial advice about how to handle and invest his signing bonus and protect his income to create wealth stability for the long term

Altus initially created a moderate, strategically-focused wealth management plan to protect the newfound assets from his signing bonus.  We helped the player understand that his career would dictate what the plan would need to do from there.  As he achieved success, Altus continued to fine tune a more conservative approach to yield wealth preservation and stability.

By following the investment strategy, the athlete and his young family can live off of his dividends without the need to find additional employment after retirement.  He is confident in his financial future.

Client of Ronnie Brown

Registered Representative, Altus Wealth Management

Services for Professional Athletes

  • Cashflow Analysis
  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Options
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Strategies