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Insurance Products for Personal and Business Protection


Altus works to protect you financially from unexpected loss

Altus offers products for both personal and business insurance purposes. We enjoy affiliations with highly-rated major insurance companies. This enables us access a wide range of options and insurance instruments to better match specific client needs.

Whatever your current financial or life situation, have a conversation with us. The Altus team is ready to assist you and earn your trust.

Personal Insurance

Altus focuses on strategically using life insurance to protect you financially. The reality is that most people are underinsured and need to asses what they have in assets and determine what is really needed to protect their families and quality of life.

Our team will work with you to

  • Analyze your current insurance risks, as well as project your future needs
  • Develop an overall approach to address your insurance requirements
  • Recommend policies and coverages to protect and ensure your financial well being

Personal Insurance Options

  • Health insurance policies
  • Medicare supplement plans
  • Long-term care and disability plans

Business Insurance

A comprehensive approach to insurance protection is crucial to the strength and long-term viability of a company. While most companies are insured for basic needs, there often are gaps in coverage, areas that are not insured or situations that require specialized coverage.

Our team will work with you to

  • Analyze your company’s current insurance coverage and business risks, as well as project its future needs
  • Develop a comprehensive approach to address insurance requirements
  • Recommend specific policies and coverages to protect and ensure your company’s financial stability
  • Continual monitoring and adjusting insurance plan needs as your company changes, expands and grows

Business Insurance Options

  • Business liability
  • Company-owned key man life insurance,
  • Short-term disability
  • Bridge policies to help with deductibles
  • Partner buy-sell policy