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Providing organizations with financial advice to meet today’s challenges

The Altus team has the financial knowledge, experience and capabilities to assist you whatever form of organization or structure you have. Whether you need to build and preserve the organization’s primary fund, protect sources of income, deal with tax, compliance and fiduciary obligations, or answer to the board or key members, we can work with you to protect and enhance the financial well-being of your organization.

A comprehensive approach to financial planning and management is crucial to the operational strength, financial growth and long-term viability of any organization or not-for-profit corporation.

In fact, many of our team members serve on boards and not-for-profits in their communities so you will benefit from their perspective and insight. You can trust the Altus team to be with you every step of the way to ensure that your organization’s financial assets are protected and secure into the future.

Our team will work with you to

  • Understand your organization’s goals
  • Analyze its financial situation
  • Prepare a comprehensive financial plan
  • Suggest ways to preserve and grow financial assets
  • Provide staff financial education
  • Monitor tax and compliance reporting

State University foundation providing scholarships to children of alumni

To reduce future fundraising efforts by developing an investment strategy with existing funds

Altus helped identify and analyze long-term goals for scholarship distribution and the organizational endowment fund.  Once established, we recommended a portfolio to meet both the growth targets and the distribution requirements going forward.  Ongoing monitoring is provided through annual reports to the board.  Returns and account values are reviewed the establish future fundraising needs.

A stable fund was created to maintain the targeted number of yearly scholarships and ensure future sustainability.

Client of Mickey Guidry

Partner, Altus Wealth Management

Services for Organizations

  • Cashflow Analysis
  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Options
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Tax Strategies
  • Organization succession planning