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Monthly Market Notices

  • Nov 2021

    Flattening Yield Curve at the Disco

    The money lender is truly considered one of the oldest professions on the face of the earth.

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  • Oct 2021

    September ... "Chasing the Clouds Away"

    People aged 8 to 80 can sing along to Earth Wind and Fire's classic song "September"

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  • Sep 2021

    Employment Conundrum

    While Ida and the Afghanistan withdrawal took center stage at the end of August, another story was quietly playing out that indicated just how complicated this economic recovery really is.

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  • Aug 2021

    COvid-Dependent Economy

    I can remember the days when I as a younger advisor would sit in front of the television waiting for Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan to enter the screen and hang on his every word.

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