Monthly Market Notices

  • Sep 2019

    Volatility is for the Birds!

    The word ‘volatile’ was originally a word in Middle English that referred to flying creatures (especially wild birds or even butterflies). It evolved in the 16th century as an adjective to describe vapors/gases and other things light enough that seemed to fly....

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  • Aug 2019

    The Federal Reserve and Central Banks Around the Globe Are Anticipating a Slowdown

    This cliché stock phrase paperboys used in the late 19th and early 20th centuries captured the attention of potential readers who only “had time” to peruse the most relevant stories...

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  • Jul 2019

    “Sell in May and Go Away” (Did it actually work?)

    “Sell in May and Go Away” is an old investment saying from England, where bankers and aristocrats would leave London during the summer months to escape the heat...

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  • Jun 2019

    MAY REINS IN THE MARKET SPRINT - Rising Temperatures Bring Rising Market Concerns Heading into Summer Months

    The record breaking 4-month run in the US stock market was finally reined in during the month of May...

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Quarterly Newsletters

  • Jul 2019


    Resilient…. simply put, this economic expansion cannot be described any better. Coming off the historic collapse of 2008, this plow horse has tilled through the Fiscal cliff, Foreclosures, Muni-debt default fears, European banking “criseseses”, Brexit, Obamacare, Quantitative Easing/tightening, Trump tweets, China trade relations and Mexican relations...

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  • Apr 2019


    It’s January 1, 2019 and you have the choice to invest in Apple, Microsoft or Xerox. Which would you choose? Well, through the first three months of the year Apple and Microsoft are up a respectable 16% each...

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