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Employee Benefits

Creating competitive advantage to attract and retain top-tier talent

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is not enough for your business to have a high-quality product, exceptional management, outstanding service and strong financial controls. Just as critical to success is attracting and retaining a dedicated team of satisfied high-performing employees.

Employees today expect more than good working conditions and competitive compensation. By offering employees an attractive benefits package, you set your business apart and give it a distinctive edge in the talent market. You also create a work environment that encourages employee satisfaction and rewards productivity, integrity, loyalty and longevity.

Altus provides employee benefits programs, retirement and insurance products for corporations, small business and family-owned firms.

That’s why, in addition to our more traditional financial services, our team is here to create a customized benefit plan that meets your specific business goals, makes your business a more attractive place to work, satisfies and empowers your employees and gives your business an extra edge in the market.

In addition, we will provide benefit program administrative support, ensure plan compliance and provide necessary servicing of plan participants. We also can make available financial wellness education and retirement advising to your employees.

Our team will work with you to

  • Understand your company benefits needs and goals
  • Share current state of benefit programs for peer businesses
  • Develop and present retirement and 401(k) plans
  • Provide ongoing plan evaluation, monitoring, servicing and compliance
  • Encourage employee participation and respond to employee questions
  • Offer insurance policies to complement company benefit programs
  • Work side-by-side with you to implement and evaluate plan
  • Suggest benefit program modifications as employee and business needs change

Altus Employee Benefit Services

  • Analyze Current Benefits Package
  • Retirement & 401(k) Plans
  • Rate Plan Cost & Performance
  • Oversee Plan Presentation
  • Ongoing Support & Service for Participant
  • Insurance Plans and Policies (Health, Group Life, Supplemental Health, Long-term Care and Disability)
  • Financial Wellness Education
  • Retirement Counseling